Mozilla: real-time counter of Firefox 4 downloads

Firefox 4 to score a big record downloads to debut in just 24 hours after the diffusion reaches the extraordinary number of 4.7 million clicks and doubles – in fact – the figure is only a week ago from Microsoft with the new Internet Explorer 9 or IE9. The data comes directly from the web counter with statistics Mozilla Glow (Mozilla’s real-time view of Firefox 4 downloads), confirming the high expectations for the new open source browser. But there is food for thought: Firefox 3 had done much better with 8 million downloads during the first day of broadcasting.

However, Firefox 3 was pumped with more online initiatives such as Download Day. The news of Firefox 4? More speed, security, interface and simple linear and more extensions. We await details of the new beta version of Chrome released at the same time.

Read more at Mozilla’s Blog of Data

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